If you enjoy taking pictures, and have decided that you want to pursue a career in fine art photography, you may be looking for ways to market yourself so that you can maximize your chances at success. So to help you gain an understanding of what you'll need to succeed in the business, here are some tips that can help jump start your budding career as a fine art photographer.

Create a Portfolio/Lookbook -- In order to showcase the diversity of your skills, you need to create what is known as a portfolio, also known as a lookbook. A portfolio is a small collection of your best photographs in various settings and styles that demonstrates your talent. Although you can upload your portfolio to the Internet with high-def quality, you should think of your portfolio as you would a resume that you use during interviews, drop-ins and meetings. Your lookbook should reflect your range, style and most importantly, the best photos you've ever taken. Share your images with people you trust to obtain valuable feedback before you send your lookbook out to prospective clients. Even one mediocre photo can ruin your chances of getting hired for a job or project.

Create A Website -- As an aspiring fine art photographer, you must create a website of a wide variety of pictures. Unlike your portfolio that is more limited and focused on showing some of your best images, your website should offer a wide variety of images that shows the range and breadth of your talent. Your website is also the place where you can define your vision, your principles, your artistic sensibility and the qualities that make you different. Your website should include your contact information as well as what is known as an 'artist statement,' which is a small paragraph that describes what motivates you to create your pictures.

Market Yourself -- Branding is a term that's often thrown around in many industries, but as a self-employed photographer, it's vital that you sell your talents by marketing your vision to the public. Without an agent or representative, it's up to you to visit art museums, art galleries and fine art magazine offices to drop off your portfolio and engage with people who are in a position to hire you for future jobs. Go out to art collection gatherings and learn the names of photography collectors in your area who are on the lookout for new talent. Introduce yourself to these collectors and offer them free prints of your work as a way to break the ice. You can also enter photography competitions sponsored by art galleries to get your name out in the industry. Staying active in the photography and art community in your neighborhood is the key to branding yourself, especially as a newcomer. You can also contact other professionals in the same business, such as Christensen Fine Art, and pick their brain on different techniques they may have used.